2022 Officer of the Year

Michael TomasiCongratulations to Detective Michael Tomasi who was selected as the 2022 Lighthouse Point Police Officer of the Year.

Detective Michael Tomasi has been with the Lighthouse Point Police Department since 2014, and has consistently been one of our top performers year after year. In 2022, Detective Tomasi received multiple agency commendations. As a detective, he played an instrumental role in the clearance of 44 criminal investigations; the arrest of offenders in cases that include fraud, burglaries to vessels, cars and homes, multiple auto theft cases, grand theft, criminal mischief, and aggravated stalking. A number of his investigations included cases that required extensive work, and the use of varying police tactics to include intelligence gathering, use of electronics, video surveillance, and coordination with other law enforcement and county agencies. He helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen vehicles and stolen property, and contributed greatly to getting known criminal offenders off the streets of Lighthouse Point. 

Equally impressive is that he contributed greatly to our agency achieving a 44% Part 1 crime clearance rate, the highest in decades. Detective Tomasi is a well-respected member of our staff, who regularly demonstrates an outstanding work ethic, and passion for his work, with the highest regard for quality investigative standards; receiving accolades from department staff, the State Attorney’s Office, and a representative of the Nancy Cotterman Sexual Assault Center, for his sensitivity and compassionate work with victims, and for his quality criminal investigations and case filings. 

It is for these reasons that Detective Michael Tomasi has been selected as our 2022 Police Officer of the Year!

 Congratulations on a job well done!