Community Crime Trends

Door-to-Door Solicitors: Be Alert for Daytime Residential Burglaries

LHP is seeing a growing trend where criminals pose as solicitors or delivery people, knocking on doors to determine if anyone is home. If no one answers, the offenders move to the back of the home (out of sight from the street), and force their way in. If someone answers the door, they will act like they have the wrong address or looking for someone else (or are lost). LHP has strict solicitation laws. Anyone who knocks on your door to sell anything must first obtain written approval from the City. Don’t confront them by asking for the permit. Call us! 

Help Prevent Thefts from Autos in Lighthouse Point

The most common crimes are vehicle break-ins. Generally, cars are broken into because the owner has left expensive valuables like purses, laptop computers, GPS devices, cash, briefcases, and other types of electronics in plain view. Never leave these items out in the open. Areas where quick vehicle smash and grab crimes occur are usually fitness and day care centers, local parks, and especially gas stations. Lock your car at all times and don’t leave anything in sight. 

Remember... Safe Driving Saves Lives

With the growing number of young families and children now living in Lighthouse Point, the need for safe driving and paying attention to the posted speed limits has never been more important. Everyone is encouraged to drive defensively. Avoid distractions like texting while driving. Most drivers over-estimate their ability to multi-task and tend to ignore the dangers of texting or talking on a cell phone. Studies show drivers using cell phones exhibit the same unsafe behaviors as drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drive Safe – Stay Safe!