LHPPD Cares: Autism Outreach Program

LHPPD CARES is a new outreach program designed to help improve interactions and relationships between members of the Lighthouse Point Police Department and those in our community living with Autism.

Lighthouse Point residents now have the ability to voluntarily provide informative background information about their Autistic family members, that will help our police officers be better prepared, and to understand any behavioral challenges that may exist when responding to calls for assistance. The provided information will be entered into our autism outreach file and kept confidential for police personnel only. We continue to strive for positive outcomes during interactions between our police personnel, and those living with Autism.

How to register

There are two ways to register for this program:

  1. Online submission form. This form allows you to enter all applicable information and attach a picture of the special needs individual. Upon completion, a submit button will automatically upload the completed form and photograph to the Police Department for processing. This method insures the quickest entry into our system.
  2. Downloadable Autism Outreach Form. This form is for those who do not wish to or do not have the ability to submit the special needs individual’s information via the available online form. When completed, print the form (color or black and white) and attach a photograph of the special needs individual to the form. The photograph should be of the special needs individual from the shoulders up. A good example would be photographs taken for a school yearbook. When you are finished with the form and have attached a photograph, you can then bring the form to the Lighthouse Point Police Department for processing.

You may also acquire an application at the front desk of the Lighthouse Point Police Department.

All participants will be contacted by a member of the Lighthouse Point Police Department so that additional information regarding the program can be provided.