Soliciting, Canvassing, & Peddling in Lighthouse Point

City Code, Chapter 62, prohibits solicitation of any kind at addresses where residents have indicated they do not wish such solicitation. Code also requires that ALL solicitors carry with them an ID card issued by LHP Police Dept.

Hours of solicitation are 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Solicitation on Sundays or holidays is prohibited. Approval to change hours must be obtained from City Clerk and Chief of Police; City Commission must approve solicitation on Sundays or holidays [Code Sec. 62-6 (a) and (e)].

Political Advertising – There is no registration process for this type of door-to-door advertising, however, they must abide by the No Solicitor’s list. 

Local Real Estate Solicitors – Only No-Solicitation List is required. Solicitors must carry their Real Estate ID card. 

Out-of-Town Real Estate Solicitors – are allowed if the person obtains the LHP No Solicitation List, per City Attorney opinion 1/30/01. 


  • must register annually with the FL Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services prior to soliciting in Florida. 
  • do not require an Occupational License; only a permit signed by City Clerk and Police Chief 
  • must complete the Application for Permit
  • must abide by No-Solicitation List furnished by City Hall 


  • must furnish $1000 security bond, if they are bonded by State, no bond is required.   
  • must have Occupational License to Solicit. If they do not have one from their own city or county, they must obtain one from LHP. [$110 annual fee; Code Sec. 78-57 (91)].  If they have one from another source, xerox a copy of it and any other pertinent documents
  • must carry permit authorized by City Clerk and Police Chief 
  • must obtain permit for each person soliciting-list all names on application
  • must get copy of No-Solicitation List from City Hall 

(Sec. 337.406 FSS -- prohibits commercial solicitation on State road rights-of-way (Federal Hwy.); this includes charitable solicitations. Even when (or if) controlled and approved by the governing body, DOT approval is necessary. LHP Police Dept. policy is, and has been, to deny on basis of state statute and on hazard created. Also, injured parties soliciting with city approval could present a liability insurance problem for the city.)

Solicitation Application

No Solicitors List

No Solicitors Form