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What is MAP Broward?

MAP Broward is the 30-year program resulting from the Penny for Transportation Surtax approved by Broward County Voters in November 2018. The surtax took effect on January 1, 2019 and the first distribution of surtax revenues was received by Broward County from the Department of Revenue in March 2019.

The Mobility Advancement Program (MAP) was created to administer and manage all elements of the program. Transportation Surtax funded projects are intended to address the following five goals, targeting our community’s mobility challenges:

Create Connectivity Vehicle and infrastructure 2-way communications; better real-time mobility-related information; bridging access to mobility options by improving sidewalk, bicycle, and multi-use path facilities, improving safe movement between disconnected communities
Traffic System Management Investing in fiber optics; real-time traffic signal adaptation technology; countywide signal system video detection maintenance; signal video system and censor enhancements; lane widening where possible; intersection improvements
Improve Transit Service Expansions, investments and improvements for Municipal Community Shuttles, Paratransit, & Transit services, including premium transit infrastructure (rail and bus rapid transit)
Enhance Multimodal Options Improve, expand and promote innovative technologies for multimodal travel options, improved safety, and facilitating mode shifts
Economic Developments and Benefits Overall Program goal of 30% small business participation of eligible surtax-funded projects of the 30 years; improving and promoting equitable investments across the County; encouraging use of apprenticeship and other workforce investment programs on eligible surtax projects

What Projects are Included?

Visit the Public Project Dashboard, where you can learn about the 18 different project types, and explore the 700 specific surtax projects in various phases from completed to ongoing, to planned projects.

You can narrow your search by:

     • Projects Near YOU

     • Projects by Municipality

     • Projects by County Commission District

     • Projects Filtered by Type

The City of Lighthouse Point is currently in the Planning Phase for the following:

     • Sidewalks/Bike Lanes along NE 36th Street

     • Traffic Calming at the intersection of NE 21st Avenue/NE 21st Way at Sample Road

     • Sidewalks along Sample Road from NE 23rd Avenue to NE 31st Avenue

Stay up to date on all things MAP Broward

You can find project updates, Oversight Board meeting information, transportation, and mobility insights, and much more by following the MAP Broward social medial channels @MAPBroward or Here 

Be sure to take a look at the informational About Us Video to find out where your transportation surtax is being invested.