Criminal Investigations Division

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Unit provides specialized felony and misdemeanor investigative services for criminal acts committed within the City of Lighthouse Point. These are generally cases that require follow-up investigations after patrol officers have completed their initial investigations.

Crime Scenes

All Lighthouse Point Police Officers have been trained to conduct basic crime scene investigations. Officers are responsible for securing, protecting and processing crime scenes. This may require photographing, collecting and marking items of evidentiary value. Subsequent actions include collecting and preserving evidence such as glass, fabrics, tool marks and latent fingerprint samples for comparison as well as storing and preserving them appropriately for court presentation.

Vice, Intelligence Narcotics

Select officers have the primary responsibility of conducting criminal investigations into street narcotic sales as well as sophisticated, organized and conspiratorial narcotics trafficking, vice crimes, organized crime and racketeering. These officers work in direct conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Crime Analysis

The function of crime analysis is the collection and analysis of crime data. These analyses bear out methods of operation of individual crime patters as well as make projections of criminal activity. This assists with tactical and long range planning efforts related to departmental resources and manpower allocations.

Crime Prevention

This Unit is actively involved in the planning, development, implementation, evaluation and follow-up of specific police and community problems. Officers create and implement proactive crime prevention strategies, develop educational programs, create community involvement programs, and interact with citizens and businesses in the city to identify safety and crime prevention methodologies.