Patrol Division

Uniformed Patrol

Uniformed Patrol is generally the first contact citizens have with the Police Department. Patrol Officers respond to citizens requests for assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All officers have received extensive training in order to perform their duties. During a normal workday, Patrol Officers handle routine and emergency calls for service along with in-progress crimes. Some of the other duties of Patrol Officers include report writing, enforcement of traffic laws, transporting prisoners, attending court and ongoing in-service training. 

Community Policing

The goal of any Community Policing team is to bridge the gap between the Police Department and the community. Our staff addresses long term community concerns to create a safer community.

When a Community Patrol Officer gets into their community, they begin to realize more closely the problems within that neighborhood and how to address them. They also form a personal relationship with many of the residents. This relationship helps them feel comfortable and establishes a sense of mutual trust and respect between citizens and the police.

One of the primary goals of a Community Patrol Officer is to improve the quality of life for the residents of their assigned community. We currently have two full time officers dedicated to the Community Policing Unit; however, the philosophy of Community Policing is shared by each member of this agency and is the center of everything we do. The Community Policing and Patrol Officers are divided throughout the city by geographic boundaries and have responsibility for their assigned areas. Community Policing Officers will often handle cases that require time-consuming lengthy investigations and focus on crime solution, results and citizen satisfaction. Community Policing Officers utilize various policing initiatives, partner with our citizens and merchants and often us non-conventional means to solve problems. Community Policing Officers are involved in a wide range of police activities including but not limited to community meetings, crime prevention, community activities, park patrol, liaisons for the business community, investigate crimes and work to improve the fundamental quality of life issues that are important to the citizens of Lighthouse Point.

Marine Patrol

The Marine Patrol Unit is comprised of specially trained officers who patrol the waterways of Lighthouse Point. Their purpose is to promote boating safety education, enforcement of the marine laws and ordinances, and to provide police services to those who live along our waterways. 

Field Training

The Lighthouse Point Police Department strives to provide a highly technological, professional and in-depth Field Training Program to properly serve the Police Trainee and citizens of our city. Our Field Training Program is designed to expand on basic Law Enforcement knowledge that a new recruit has upon entering our agency. It is a Dynamic Program implemented with the goal of teaching a new recruit to operate as a self-sufficient Law Enforcement Professional. The Field Training Program is designed to teach, test, mentor and evaluate the Trainee in different environments. The end result is a Law Enforcement Professional with the ability to professionally interact and serve the community to the best of their ability.