City Government


The City of Lighthouse Point is governed by a Mayor/Commission form of government whose essential components are an elected chief executive known as the Mayor and an elected legislative body known as the City Commission. All are elected by qualified electors on an at-large non-partisan basis. The term of office for the Mayor and City Commissioners is four years, and all persons elected to serve as Mayor or City Commissioner shall be limited to 12 consecutive years of service.

Distribution of Power

The executive and administrative power of the City is vested in and exercised by the Mayor and includes, but is not limited to, the supervising, directing and coordinating of the daily activities of the executive branch and its operating departments, and preparation of an annual City budget.

All legislative powers of the City are exclusively vested in and exercised by the City Commission in accordance with the powers provided under state law. Commissioners are held accountable by the electorate for their actions and may not delegate their power to any other City board or committee.

Neither Mayor nor Commissioners are full-time officials and they may retain their positions in their chosen professions. The Mayor, with the approval of the City Commission, may appoint a full-time City Administrator to carry out the actual day-to-day functions and duties of the City government as set forth by the Mayor.


Officers appointed by the Mayor with confirmation of the City Commission are as follows:

  • City Administrator: The City Administrator assists the mayor with the exercise of his executive and administrative powers. He performs those functions and duties assigned by the Mayor and is responsible to the Mayor.
  • City Attorney: The City Attorney advises the Mayor and Commission on legal matters and provides legal opinions of the official matters upon request of the Mayor and/or City Commission. The City Attorney and assistants must be practicing attorneys and three-year members of the Florida Bar. They serve until their successors are appointed.
  • City Clerk: The City Clerk is custodian of official records and the City Seal. The office deals in services to the administration, City Commission, boards and committees, and City residents. Duties include preparation of meeting agendas, Commission minutes, handling of correspondence, advertising of ordinances, resolutions, notices, etc, and conduct of City elections. Public relations is a vital function of this office, which is the primary link between the City government, departments and the public.
  • Finance Director: The Finance Director is responsible for the collection, custody, and disbursement of city monies and assists the Mayor with preparation of the annual City budget. The City’s fiscal year begins October 1 and ends September 30 of the following year.
  • Special Magistrate: The Special Magistrate, when directed, enforces the Lighthouse Point City Code by the prosecution of persons brought before the court by the City for violation of its ordinances.